Makeup Artist

Patricia Fardon


I love everything beautiful.  As a young girl growing up in Brazil, I loved giving my friends and cousins makeovers.  I wanted everybody to look and feel pretty.  It just made me happy.  When I was 16, I moved to Florida, where I got my first job as a make-up artist for Suzanne Morel Cosmetics.  It was there that I began to learn professional techniques.  After that growing experience, I studied make-up artistry for the film and television industry at the Berger Institute of Production Technology.

© Rick Gomez Photography

I got my start in the world of print and commercial advertising working for photographer Rick Gomez.  Seventeen years later, I'm proud to say I've had my work featured in various magazines including Prevention, Woman's World, Parenting, American Baby, USA Today, Beanstalk, Scholastic, Healthy Pregnancy, Lifestyle, and Remedy MD, to name a few.  Being fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish has allowed me to work with international clients and a broad spectrum of talent.  Some of my favorite clients include Crocs, Ameritrade, AT&T, Blackberry, Colgate, Brain Fit, Florida Tourism and Koerich.

As a lover of art and beauty, I also enjoy cooking, interior decorating, fine art, architectural tours, theatre, film, music, and great writing.